Maury Roman

Telemundo Anchor
Maury Roman

Maury Roman-Jordan se unió al equipo de Telemundo Amarillo en octubre del 2002. Ella es oriunda del estado de Morelos en México, y ¡feliz de ser una ciudadana americana! Maury también es una persona de muchas cualidades: es mamá (de Sofia), es esposa (de Rick), es defensora y animadora de una familia numerosa (40+), es voluntaria comunitaria, presentadora de noticias, dueña de un pequeño negocio, y la mejor decoradora de Navidad y Acción de Gracias de acuerdo a la Asociación de Colonos del residencial ¡The Greenways! Maury también practica yoga y meditación, le encanta la jardinería, y está eternamente agradecida con la comunidad de Amarillo, por permitirle entrar a sus hogares cada noche, a las 10.

Maury Roman-Jordan joined the Telemundo Amarillo team in October of 2002. Maury is a Native of the estate of Morelos in México, and a proud American Citizen! She is also a woman that wears many hats: she is a mom, she is a wife, she is the cheerleader of an army of sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, she is a community volunteer, she is a news personality, a small business entrepreneur and she is the Christmas and Thanksgiving unofficial best decorator by the Greenways Homeowner’s Association! She also practices yoga and meditation, loves gardening and is eternally grateful to the Amarillo community for letting her in their homes every night at 10!

Maury Roman-Jordan is the primetime 10pm news anchor for Telemundo Amarillo. She is widely known in the Panhandle of Texas for her objective, charismatic and confident delivery of news that matter to the Hispanic community. She is also highly renowned for her contributions to the empowerment of the Latino community through her 20-year career in higher education, as the Director of Outreach Services for Amarillo College, from where she retired in 2018.

As a communicator and educator, Maury has served on numerous boards that actively work for the benefit of “nuestra gente Hispana”, including the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education, The Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The Amarillo Area Adult Literacy Council, The Amarillo Public Library, to mention some. Additionally, in 2012, she was honored by the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, with the “Woman of Distinction” Connect Award, for her efforts in connecting women to resources in the Amarillo-Texas Panhandle area. Currently, she serves on the MamaMeals Advisory Board of the Texas Tech Infant Risk Center and makes public appearances at various events where she is invited to attended.

Whether it is delivering news, teaching, motivating, connecting, or helping… Maury is there to give that little extra push which many members of our community need to conquer their fears and achieve anything that they set their minds to do. As a new immigrant and barely speaking sufficient English as she was, Maury understands the struggles to succeed. However, she has made her mission to inspire man and women to believe in themselves, to educate themselves, to love themselves, to go after their dreams, to be resilient and to draw upon the untapped and amazing power of passion that we all have, waiting to be awakened!