7-year-old boy claims teacher choked him for laughing at joke, authorities investigating

7-year-old boy claims teacher choked him for laughing at joke, authorities investigating
Kayden Berry said he laughed and his teacher choked and hit him. He’s been placed under in-school suspension while the case is under investigation. (Source: WREG/CNN)

FORREST CITY, AR (WREG/CNN) - A 7-year-old boy alleges his teacher physically attacked him for laughing in class.

Now the school district says it's investigating what happened.

Kayden Berry said he knows he’s supposed to be quiet in class but when one of his friends told a joke last Wednesday, he couldn’t contain his laughter.

"I laughed out real loud," Berry said.

Kayden said that triggered a violent response from his teacher.

"Like real tight," Kayden said.

He demonstrated how his teacher allegedly grabbed him by his neck and yanked him out of his chair as his stunned classmates watched.

"And then threw me against the wall and then hit me with a long ruler," Kayden said.

“He said she was grinding her teeth, you know how you want to make somebody know you mean business,” said Dannielle Berry, Kayden’s mother.

Berry said she learned about the alleged attack when she picked up her son from school and immediately filed a report with police.

“I’m definitely angry, I’m definitely pissed off and I definitely want something done about it,” Berry said.

The school district confirms that the teacher continues to work at Central Elementary School.

As they investigate, Kayden isn’t returning to class.

Instead, he’s been placed on in-school suspension even though he said it’s the teacher who needs discipline.

“It was embarrassing because I didn’t expect that to happen. Even if I laughed, I don’t expect that,” Kayden said.

The school district has not said if, in fact, Kayden is serving an in-school suspension and why that's the case.

His mother said she will meet with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, which is responsible for the safety of the state's children, on Tuesday to discuss the matter.

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