Thieves distract store clerk, steal $500 worth of cognac

VANCOUVER, WA (KOIN/CNN) – Thieves stole two bottles of cognac worth $500 from a family-owned store in a brazen robbery caught on camera.

The thieves made off by distracting the clerk on duty at Liquor and Wine, a family-run business.

“Oh they were professionals,” said Emma Kang, whose family owns the store.

Surveillance video shows four people entered the store on Tuesday around 7 p.m.

They appeared to be a man, woman with a baby and a grandmother.

The group looked around until other customers left. Then the woman handed the baby to the grandma.

It’s hard to know for sure, but the victims question whether the baby was even real.

“The way the neck, it went back, they weren’t supporting the neck,” Kang said.

The man calls the clerk to the back of the store where he has some questions about wine on a lower shelf.

As he distracts the clerk, the woman goes behind the front counter, and grabs two bottles of Hennessey XO that cost $250 a piece.

She puts them in her skirt.

“She opened up the side and there was like a pocket, and she quickly put it in there and then just ruffled it back together,” Kang said.

Video shows the grandmother signals to the man that their mission is complete.

The suspects eventually pretend to buy some wine but when the clerk asks for identification, they claim it's in their car and leave.

"I hope that they get caught, that people are aware of who they are and what they do," Kang said.

Kang said the group was quick, only staying in the store for about six minutes.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call the Vancouver Police Department.

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