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New sand volleyball complex coming soon to Lake Charles

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(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC) (Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)
(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC) (Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

It's something Lake Charles doesn't have on a large scale - sand volleyball. 

But a new complex is coming to the city. 

When asked what people think of when they hear "Louisiana" and "sports," football always comes to mind. 

When asked about volleyball though, many liked the sport but didn't know much about it. 

But volleyball is making its way to Lake Charles. 

"Sand volleyball is the most rapidly growing sport in the country," said Dr. John Noble.  

Noble has decided to use his own money to build Lake Charles' first sand volleyball complex. 

Located just off East McNeese Street next to Crying Eagle Brewery, Noble sees this as something people of all ages can use. 

"There will be opportunities for coaching," said Noble. "We would also likely partner with the other indoor volleyball teams in the area, and bring those coaches in and then have clinics in which they can teach them the techniques of sand volleyball." 

Noble also has plans for this complex when it comes to McNeese State University. 

"The other thing that we would like to do is potentially donate the venue to McNeese when they develop a sand volleyball team," he said. 

The complex, which only takes a few months to build, would cost Noble over $2 million, but he believes this is something our city needs.

"It's simply another form of recreation, and given the fact that sand volleyball is becoming so popular, we got to keep up with the rest of the country," said Noble. 

Noble says with our climate we would be able to keep the complex open most of the year. 

He says he should have the complex up and running sometime in March. 

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