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Jefferson hosts Texas Bigfoot Conference

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(Source: KLTV News Staff) (Source: KLTV News Staff)

This weekend, the annual Texas bigfoot conference is being held in Jefferson.

A piece of film shot 50 years ago, supposedly by a cowboy in a California forest, sparked a mystery that remains to this day.

The infamous "big foot film". Held at the Jefferson tourism building, this years’ Texas bigfoot conference addressed members of the chamber of commerce on how tourism can benefit by having their research groups in their community.

But the search for the elusive giant is priority.

"I had a personal sighting in Louisiana in 1994 coming back from a weekend vacation. It was 7 foot tall, covered with hair and walking on two legs.

I'm sure everybody has seen the Patterson-Gimlen film. 50 years later that's still the best public evidence of the creature. "I believe it was a living breathing creature, not a man in a suit," says Craig Woolheater of the Texas bigfoot research center.

Anne and Kenny Walls had their own experience in Huffman Texas 2010.

"I had a visual encounter on my own property. This thing was very tall, very fast, very black and moved quickly. I was a skeptic myself and all I know is I saw what I saw," Anne says.

"It was 7 to 8 foot tall, black and skinny walking across the road. I've got a lot of hunter friends and they say why haven't we caught it on a game came, and I say because they're smarter than you," Kenny says.

But 50 years after the Patterson film, one thing remains for those trying to solve the mystery. Definitive physical evidence that this creature exists.

"We will never know for sure unless we have a body," says Anne.

But some hope bigfoot will never be found.

"The fun is in the hunt, probably never to find it. That mystery, That's always still there," Kenny says.

"I think it is a real creature. There's something out there," Woolheater says.

The Texas bigfoot conference goes on Friday and Saturday at the Jefferson tourism building on east Austin street, with guest speakers and exhibits on bigfoot research.

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